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Car Rental System: Total Solution for Car Rental Agencies in one Integrated System.
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» Account: Edit Car Rental Agency Profile.
» Messages: Received and sent messages between the car rental agency and our Support Center, and between car rental agency and Internet Users.
» Pictures: Uploaded car rental pictures
» Promotions: Add/View promotions. In addition, control which promotions to appear on which distribution channel (which websites).
» My Cars: Add/view cars that belong to your car rental agency.
» Services: Add Car Rental -Facilities. Facilities may either be set as billable or not-billable. If billable, price is to be assigned per service.
» Equipments: Add an equipment (ex. CD player, DVD player) with its price.
» Insurance: Add/view car insurance according to your car classes with its price.

» Release Period: Add/View release period, based on seasons.
» Availability: Add / View cars availability between certain dates. Different Availability may be set for different distribution Channels (websites).
» Seasons: Add / View seasons. Each season enables setting of car-rates based on dates.
» Policies: Add / View Car Rental Agency cancellation policies. Policies are added based on Activation Date (When each policy is required to be activated).

» Special Availability Requests: View and respond to Booking requests. Booking requests are received when availability is set for certain periods / car-types to Upon Request.
» Cancelled Reservations: View cancelled / No-Show Bookings, along with any amounts charged for cancellation / no-show, according to Policies.
» Reservations: View new/old Bookings and the ability to search for a specific Booking.
» Upgrades: View / Respond to Booking Amendment Requests, along with any financial changes to the booking amount due to the Amendment.

» Special Locations: Add/view special locations that you can deliver or take your rented car other than your office location (and assign the price if its chargeable).
» Discounts: Add a discount according to number of days/cars being rented and to assign the discount for all/assigned classes of cars.

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