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Tour Operator Module
In the tour operator module, the left MENU is the TOS navigation bar, and consists of Tours, Hotels, Furnished Apartments, Cars, and Services Sub-Systems. Each Sub-System, when accessed, displays functions controlling this Sub-System and managing its operation. Each Sub-System shall be presented in more details.

In addition to the Sub-Systems, the bottom functions that are applied to all sub-Systems:

» Credits: Shows account information.
» Visa Fees: Add visa fees from any departure country to any destination country to be applied on TOURS.
» Payments Policies: Add / View payment policies. Policies are added based on Payment Policy type, either “on reservation time” or “day/days before departure” (When each policy is required to be activated)
» Cancellation Policies: Add / View cancellation policies. Policies are added based on Activation Date (When each policy is required to be activated)

  Process Flow

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